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Hiller officials -- by that time, the company had become part of Fairchild -- had found the first competition a very disagreeable exercise and refused to participate in the second round, even though the odds were good that they would win.

Their loss was Bell's gain, with the Army selecting a militarized Model 206A, the "OH-58A Kiowa", on 8 March 1968.

A total of 2,200 production OH-58As was delivered into 1973.

Apparently some were ultimately sold off to civilian users with minor alterations under the designation of "Model 206A-1".

The OH-4A retained the classic Bell main rotor configuration, with twin blades and a crossways "teeter bar".

* In the early 1960s, the Bell Helicopter company began a program to develop a light turboshaft-powered helicopter, which after a few zigs and zags emerged as the "Model 206 Jet Ranger".

The Jet Ranger would prove a popular machine, both in civil and military service, and prove highly extendable, with derivatives still being introduced in the 21st century.

The US Navy was managing the program for the Army and quickly rejected the OH-4A: it was designed almost strictly for the observation role, with extensive glazing, but didn't have the carriage capability to really fill the utility role.

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The Hughes OH-6A was also rejected; it was notably agile, but judged too lightly built for combat use.

The Jet Ranger obtained civil certification in October 1966, with production deliveries before the year was out.